The Prince William Office of Virginia Cooperative Extension offers Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) groups. STEP is a seven-week discussion group for parents and others who want to learn more effective communication and discipline. Classes are offered for three age groups: Parents of Young Children (birth to age 5), Parents of School-Age Children (ages 6-12), and Parents of Teenagers.

For more information or to register, please visit the Virginia Cooperative Extension website or call 703-792-6288.  


Parenting: Visit this website for parenting tips, advice, resources, and guides according to your child's developmental stage.

PBS Parents: Here you will find great resources of information for parents on topics such as school, child development, talking with kids, media, and child safety.  

Infinite Learning Lab: This website is a cooperative effort by the Department of Education, the Office of the Attorney General of Virginia, and the Professor Garfield Foundation. It has information for parents to help teach their elementary age children about life skills such as self-esteem, self-control, peer pressure, cyberbullying, listening, and diversity.   

National Crime Prevention Council: Keep your child safe at home, at school, and in the community with helpful tips from this website.  

NetSmartz: Visit this website if you are looking for resources to assist with parenting today’s “wired” kids.   

Character Counts!: This website is dedicated to character education. Find out about the six pillars of character, and what you can do to strengthen character in your child. 

You Can Handle Them All: This is a comprehensive discipline website for parents. It lists tons of behaviors, the possible causes, and some actions you can take. 

Test Taking Tips: This website helps parents prepare their children for tests. 

Hospice: Helpful information can be found here to assist adults with talking with children about death.    

Graduation Pathways to Success (GPS): The Prince William County Office of Student Services, in an effort to promote on-time graduation, developed “Where is Your GPS Leading You? Graduation Pathways to Success © (GPS)”, a PowerPoint presentation for K-12 students, parents, and educators. The GPS can be used as a resource to guide stakeholders through the multiple pathways to graduation.  


The following guidelines have been established by Prince William County Social Services. For more information on determining when your child may be ready to be left unsupervised, please refer to the Home Alone: When is it okay? resource provided by SCAN of Northern Virginia.  


Ages 8 years and younger: Should always be in the care of a responsible person; should not be left unsupervised anywhere (homes, cars, playgrounds, yards, etc.)  
Ages 9-10 years old: May be ready to be left unsupervised up to 1.5 hours during daylight/early evening
Ages 11-12 years old: May be ready to be left unsupervised up to 3 hours during daylight/early evening
Ages 13-15 years old: May be ready to be left unsupervised more than 3 hours, but not overnight  
Ages 16 years and older: May be ready to be left unsupervised overnight for 1-2 days with a plan in place


Ages 12-13: May babysit children up to 4 hours
Ages 14-15: May babysit over 4 hours – not overnight or over weekends
Ages 16-17: May babysit children overnight or over the weekend