A number of small groups are available to students at Gravely Elementary. The purpose of these small groups is to provide an opportunity for additional social and emotional skill building so that students feel successful in the learning environment. Small groups typically meet once a week for 30 minutes for six to eight sessions during the school day at a time that is agreeable with the teacher.

Small groups are offered based upon student-need and scheduling availability. Some examples of small groups that have been offered in the past include:

Bright Horizons:
This is a grief support group. Group members include students who have experienced death in their immediate families. The students discuss the grief process, but also celebrate each other's growth.

Calm Seas:
The focus of this group is on managing anger. Students will learn to identify the physical signs of anger, anger triggers, and the varying levels of intensity of anger. Students will practice relaxation methods and positive ways to express anger.

F.I.S.H. (Families in Separate Homes):
This group is for students who have experienced changes in their family through separation, divorce, or remarriage. Sessions include activities that encourage students to discuss feelings/reactions to the changes in their lives, as well as to develop strategies for coping with these changes.

Kindergarten Kids:
This group is specifically for Kindergarten students with the purpose of helping our newest Seadogs practice the skills necessary for school success. We will focus on learning how to follow group rules, playing well with others, and listening well to the teacher. The goal of this group is for students to feel successful in the learning environment.

Marvelous Me:
The focus of this group is on self-concept, and feeling good about who you are. Concepts taught in this small group will address positive thinking, protective actions and factors, reframing perception of negative social situations, and recognition of past successes and strengths. 

Our Crew:
Friends and the ability to make friends are important to a child’s development. Complex social skills are required to initiate and maintain a friendship. In this group, we will focus on topics such as listening to others, taking turns in conversation, getting along with others, staying calm with others, accepting responsibility for behavior, and being kind to others.

Sailing New Seas:
 This is an abbreviated group for students in grades 1-5 who are new to Gravely at the beginning of the school year. The purpose of this group is for new students to meet and talk with each other. It also gives them the opportunity to get to know the counselor and to learn how the counselor might assist with the transition to Gravely. This group will meet three times at the start of the school year and may schedule additional sessions throughout the school year based upon the group’s interest/need.

Steering My Ship: Th
is a group for students needing support with self-control/managing impulses. We will be focusing on understanding self-control, following rules, taking turns, controlling our bodies, filtering our thoughts, and delayed gratification.

Worry Warriors:
This group is designed to help students recognize generalized anxiety and why worries happen, understand how anxiety affects our minds and bodies, and learn effective ways to minimize and cope with worry.