The deadline for students to meet the immunization requirement for mandatory immunizations for public school enrollment is August 19, 2022. If proof of the required immunizations is not provided by August 19, 2022, the student will be excluded from school starting August 22, 2022, until the required immunization documentation has been provided to the school. If you have questions, please contact the school nurse or visit the immunization requirements webpage. 

New regulations regarding head lice have been added to Document area- please check them out below!!
Items now allowed to be carried by students include the following:
NON-MEDICATED PRODUCTS Products including saline or contact lens solution, petroleum jelly, Clearasil, lip balm, hand lotion, insect repellent and sunscreen may be carried and appropriately used in school: however no spray or aerosol products are permitted.

COUGH DROPS/THROAT LOZENGES Students in grades K-12 may carry and appropriately use cough drops/throat lozenges provided they are in the original packaging. Students may not share under any circumstances.
Important Information for families who are new to Prince William County Schools:
Students who enter PWC Schools for the first time are required to provide a physical examination which was performed by a qualified health care provider within 12 months of entering a public elementary school. They also will need to provide an immunization record which is up to date. If immunizations are missing the student may be required to obtain the immunization before starting school.

If students require prescription medication during the school day, a written order from the physician is required. The medication must be in a container which has a current pharmacy label. If students require an over the counter medication, a new sealed container should be provided that is not expired. All over the counter medicines must follow package directions, or a doctor's order will be necessary. 
Parents must complete and sign a form for either the prescribed and/or the over the counter medication. All types of medication must be brought to school by an adult, students cannot carry medication to school. The forms are on this web page, and available for download by the physician or parent.

Parents of students who become ill or injured during the school day will be notified to come to school for the child. This will include students with a fever of 100.0 and over, severe cough, colds with thick or constant nasal discharge, vomiting or diarrhea, unusual rashes, difficulty breathing or difficulty moving without pain after an injury. Students who are ill with fevers, or vomiting or diarrhea will need to remain at home until the symptoms have been gone for 24 hours. Conjunctivitis (pink eye), strep infections, ringworm, and impetigo are all infections, and must be treated with medication for a minimum of 24 hours before returning to school. 

TDAP REQUIREMENT FOR SIXTH GRADE ENTRY- Send documentation once obtained to the Nurse!!
This is a reminder that effective July 1, 2014, a booster dose of Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis (Tdap) vaccine is required for ALL CHILDREN ENTERING 6TH GRADE. The Tdap booster is recommended by health experts to give adolescents added protection against tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis (better known as whooping cough). These potentially serious ailments are largely preventable with proper vaccination. Children must meet all Virginia school immunization requirements. If you have not already done so, please arrange for the Tdap booster for your child as soon as possible.

Tdap boosters can be obtained from your doctor, military clinics, or the health department. Written documentation must be provided to your school upon completion of this requirement. 

Please send the documentation to school and the office will give the information to me to enter into permanent records. The middle school will be informed that your student has received the immunization and there will be no delay in beginning middle school on the first day of next school year.