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Did you know MyPlate wasn’t introduced until 2011? Before that there was MyPyramid, which was introduced in 2005. MyPlate helps people visualize how a healthy plate looks!  

Let’s break down MyPlate by levels:   

  • Fruits are served in a variety of ways! They can be fresh, frozen, canned, whole, cut up… whatever you like!  

  • Vegetables are categorized into 5 subgroups based on the nutrient content: dark-green, starchy, red and orange, beans and peas and other vegetables.  

  • Grains are also divided into subgroups; Whole Grains and Refined Grains. Whole Grains offer more dietary fiber, iron and B vitamins than Refined Grains.  

  • Protein has many options to choose from! Meat, poultry, beans, eggs, seafood, nuts and soy are all in the protein food group 

  • Dairy is best to get from fat-free or low-fat milk, but you may also get it from foods made from milk that retain the calcium content.  





You Can Make a Difference for Hundreds of PWCS Students - Join Us!

Tired of working evenings and weekends? Want to be off for your child’s school vacations? Looking for a job that truly has an impact on your community? Consider working for School Food and Nutrition Services!

School Food and Nutrition Services is seeking passionate, dedicated, fun-loving applicants for all areas of the county. We strive to provide wholesome, enjoyable, high quality, nutritious meals to our students, so they can be ready to learn and take full advantage of the educational opportunities provided to them. The work we do is important, and the people who do it are inspiring. If these values are important to you too, come be part of our team!

Wonder what it’s like to work in a school cafeteria? Visit: &

The number of hours needed varies by school, anywhere from 3-6 hours a day. Most shifts fall between 9am and 3pm. Employees have all weekends, school holidays and snow days off. Most staff members work close to home, in their own neighborhood schools. Starting pay is $11.70 an hour. Opportunities for growth and advancement are available.

Ready to join us? Go to, and click on CLASSIFIED and then CAFETERIA. You must log in to apply for a position. Click the login link, and enter your user ID and password. If you do not yet have an account, click the first link at the top of the page, “here,” to create one. For help with the online application, contact Human Resources at 703-791-8771.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact School Food and Nutrition Services at 703.791.7314. We look forward to hearing from you!