Kiss & Ride

General Information
All new Gravely families will receive a carpool number. Returning Gravely families will have the same number as last year and should have a tag. Please keep this number in the event you need to pick your child up from school. If you were unable to pick up your number, please contact the Front Office.

Drop-Off Procedures
We ask that you please follow the guidelines listed below to ensure the safety of all of our students~~ Please enter the parking lot and follow the arrows that will guide you to the front of the school. We ask that you pull up all the way, just beyond our double doors. Please move forward in a single file line so we can accommodate everyone. No student is to exit their vehicle until school staff has signaled to do so. Once staff members are outside, the students may exit their vehicle on the right passenger side only and do not have to wait until the staff members open the doors.

Dismissal Procedure
In order to allow our buses to pull in and be in position for our bus riders, we ask that you do not block the entrance to the bus loop, as well as, the main entrance. Kindly wait until the bell sounds at 3:45 p.m. before proceeding up to the school building. When you arrive, please be sure your car rider tag number is visibly displayed on your rearview mirror when you pull forward. We ask that all cars move up as far as possible along the sidewalk) so that we may get as many cars loaded as possible. Please do not stop directly in front of your child as this will delay all of the cars behind you.

Dismissals on Rain/Snow days
Please be aware that on heavy rain days or snow days, we will hold the students inside and call car numbers as you proceed up the Kiss & Ride line. In order to have dismissal run quickly and smoothly on these days, please start reviewing your tag number with your children so they have it memorized.

Please Note:
If you are picking up your students at the end of the day, we ask that you please use the carpool line. We would like to keep office dismissals for emergencies only. Thank you!
Click HERE for a map of the KISS n' RIDE procedure.

Dismissal Procedures & Transportation Changes

All students will go home daily by the transportation method designated by their parents. If there is a dismissal change, parents must send a note in with their student in the morning to notify the school staff. Without proper notice, students will be sent home by their regularly scheduled method of transportation.

In the event your student’s teacher is not in the building and/or they do not have an opportunity to check their email before the end of the day, we ask that you refrain from emailing staff members directly concerning dismissal changes. Please note that if a change is required and a note has not been written, you may contact the front office directly @571.248.4930. Transportation changes will not be accepted after 3:00 p.m. unless it is an emergency.

Dismissal by Kiss n' Ride takes approximately ten minutes. If you are picking up your students at the end of the day, please use the Kiss and Ride line. This procedure is equitable to all and allows for a safe dismissal. Parent requests for students to leave class after 3:00 p.m. will be for emergency situations only.

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