THE BIG 5:  Thinking Skills to Build Brain Power 

The following description of the SIGNET program describes a typical, in-person, school day.  Currently, we are doing virtual learning and identified students are receiving one hour of direct virtual instruction, accompanied by online learning tasks each week. The topic of our lessons will be based on the described theme for the year.  A schedule for our virtual Zoom class times is posted below. 

Five people standing together
We can think of each of our Big 5 Thinking Skills (creative thinking, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and conceptual thinking)  as having a superpower whose mission is to help us grow as learners. 


The SIGNET program at Gravely Elementary offers gifted education to students in grades four and five who have been determined eligible in a specific academic aptitude area or areas.  The curriculum is designed to expand and extend the classroom curriculum while encouraging exploration in areas of interest.  Identified students attend SIGNET class one day per week during most week.  Additionally, the gifted resource teacher collaborates with the regular classroom teachers to plan strategies for differentiation of instruction.  

The SIGNET class day is broken up into two main learning periods, each with a specific set of goals. 

Learning Centers:  Students choose a center in their topic of interest and are guided through independent study through the use of contracts.  There are many different topics of centers to choose from.  Each center is divided into several levels of difficulty.  When one level is completed, students can choose whether to remain in that center to do another level, or try another topic.  

Whole Class Lesson:  This portion of the day is when students work together as a group to explore authentic, real world events and ideas through our Project Based Learning unit.  This year the topic is THE BIG 5:  THINKING SKILLS TO BUILD BRAIN POWER.  Our work will focus on and incorporate 21st century skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creative innovation and conceptual thinking.  All topics that are in our unit align with state and county standards of instruction. 



We have resumed gifted identification as of August 15.  Information regarding new referrals can be gained by contacting Mrs. Kimble @  [email protected] 

****VIRTUAL LEARNING:  (Updated August 31, 2020)
Mrs. Kimble's current students will be accessing their learning through Canvas.  Each student will have weekly instruction via Zoom and access to class material through their Canvas course.  Information regarding specific schedules and Zoom links is found in our Gifted Education course and requires a Prince William County login. 

                                             Weekly Zoom Meetings with Current Students:
                                              4th grade Group A - Tuesdays @ 10:40
      4th grade Group B - Wednesdays @10:40
                                              5th grade Group A- Thursdays @ 2:50
      5th grade Group B - Fridays @ 2:50

Mrs. Kimble's Zoom Office Hour:  Monday @ 10:15 (link found via Canvas Homepage)

The following are some suggestions for links that can enrich home instruction:


Wonderopolis -
Explore answers to fascinating questions and curiosities. Check out the "Wonder of the Day".

The Kids Should See This -
Smart videos for curious minds of all ages.

Wow in the World -
A podcast that guides curious kids and their grown-ups on a journey into the wonders of the world around them. Emphasis is on science and technology.

Time for Kids -
Current events in a kid-friendly format. Choose articles by grade level (K-1, 2, 3-4, or 5-6)

Krazy Dad -
Thousands of free printable Sudoku, logic puzzles, mazes, and more.

Scratch -
Scratch is a block-based visual programming language and online community for kids. Create interactive stories, games, and animation while learning to code.

Byrdseed -
Differentiated lessons, videos, and challenges to get "kids' brains sweating".

Mensa for Kids -
Lesson plans, games, and resources for gifted kids from the Mensa Foundation.

STEM lessons and "stuff to make, do, play, or print" for students in grades K-4.

Independent Projects - Available on the PWCS website in "ES Curriculum and Resources --> Continuity of Learning" folder

Resident Expert Project (REP) 

Explore an area of interest by asking questions, researching, and creating a final product.

Games to promote visual/spatial and conceptual thinking skills: