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~Welcome to 4th Grade!~
 I am looking forward to collaborating and working together to have a fun and exciting school year. On our class page you will find newsletters, interactive websites, schedules, and calendars to help stay organized for the year. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or (571) 248-6385. 

Here are some ways to stay connected as a class during the time out of school:  If you are using a cell phone or iPad, you will be prompted to download the free Flipgrid app.  Once you have the app, you can enter the flip code - ac35e2fa This is our Class dojo page where you can find updates from Mrs. Moore and myself. 

Email is also available for each student and teachers. If your child has forgotten their username or login, please contact me. 

Read 20+ minutes per day (any reading is good reading, this can be magazines, picture books, chapter books, articles, newspaper articles, recipes, etc…) - Listen to a book. This is a great resource where famous actors/actresses read to you
Discuss what you have read: Find the main idea, discuss the setting/characters/conflict/resolution, find cause and effect/compare/contrast scenarios, locate fact vs. opinion, etc… - Listening and reading online. Students have their own accounts. Teacher username is Rankinsa2 - reading passages with comprehension questions provided

Math - Practice math facts online, or using flashcards, or verbal quizzes - Variety of online math games from place value, to multiplication, devision, fractions, and decimals!

Stories- Ask your child to write a personal narrative (a story about him/her and an event that has happened in his/her lifetime
Research papers- Have your child conduct research on a topic of choice (also known as Genius Hour to the fourth graders). They  can create a powerpoint/sway/poster/etc… on their findings.

Free write- Allow your child to free write. This could be in the form of a journal, a fictional story, a letter to a friend or family member that can be mailed, etc…

Virginia Studies and other Review 
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