We hope you are doing well, adjusting to distance learning, and enjoying the activities we have planned for you!  Each week you will receive a "Choice Board" (sent to your email).  The "Choice Board" lists a variety of activities to help you review 5th grade material.  You are NOT expected to complete all of the assignments, though you may choose to.  Rather, choose the activities which best suit your needs and learning style.  The expectation is for you to complete 60 minutes of work per subject, per week.  Students do not need to email completed assignments to teachers, unless specifically requested.  Please use the Padlet and FlipGrid links to post your work.  

Once again, we appreciate your patience as we continue to navigate the waters of distance learning!  Your feedback is always appreciated!

Thank you!
Miss Barriss:  barrisal@pwcs.edu
Mrs. Colvin:  colvins@pwcs.edu