Mr. Matthew AndersonSpring 2018 Concert
General Music Specialist
Music Grades K-5

Clubs Offered
Gravely Groovers (4th/5th Grade Chorus)
Gravely Percussion (5th Grade Percussion Club)
Speedy Seadogs (Running Club)

Welcome to the 2019-2020 Music Web Page for Gravely Elementary School.  Gravely is going into it's 12th year of existence and I have been fortunate enough to have been here since the very beginning.  On this web page you will find everything you need to know about music for the school year.  The page will be updated regularly so check back often.  If you have any questions through out the year please don't hesitate to email me at . 

Click on the dates below to see a PDF this weeks activities! Activities will be similar from week to week to build stamina in the different topics and ideas.

April 24th Activities <--- Click the link to see activities
May 1st Activities <--- Click the link to see activities
May 8th Activities <--- Click the link to see activities
May 15th Activities <--- Click the link to see activities
May 22nd Activities <--- Click the link to see activities
May 29th Activities <--- Click the link to see activities

 Final Week Activities <--- Click the link to see activities

EGBDF Picture Draw <--- Reading music is important.  The treble staff has 5 lines and 4 spaces.  Remembering the spaces is easy because it spells FACE. The lines can be a bit harder. Come up with a sentence to help you remember EGBDF and then draw a picture to represent the sentence.  

Music Symbols Cut-out <--- How well do you know your music symbols? select this document and print it out.  Answer key is provided in the document.  Cut out the symbols and match them to their definition.

Here is the recorder music we did not get to this year.  Feel free to look at it to get a head start for next year.  If you would like to show me what you have learned, you can submit videos for each song on the Gravely Recorder Flipgrip Page
3rd Grade Recorder Music <--- PDF 
4th Grade Recorder Music <--- PDF
5th Grade Recorder Music <--- PDF

Music Flipgrids

The main music flipgrid page is Check out these activities 

Tell me something you miss about music class?

Do you play an Instrument? Piano? Guitar? Drums? Recorder? Anything Else? Show me!

Sing me your favorite song or any song!

Learn a poem and turn it into a song by singing or rapping it. Poems can be any length.

Do you still remember how to keep a beat? “Steady Beat, Never Speeds Up, Never Slows Down, Stays The Same” Try saying this chant 3 or 4 times while keeping a steady beat with your body. Now listen to some of your favorite songs and keep the steady beat to those songs using creative movement. Show me if you dare! - - - >

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