Weekly Grind



Dear Seadogs,

Wow – we are all in a different place today than we thought we’d be, right? Packing the backpack is a thing of the past — at least for the next few weeks. Seriously, just a few weeks ago I said to someone, “Isn’t it crazy that we teachers can never work from home?”

Oh, how wrong I was!

I hope you are enjoying this extra family time and staying healthy. 

This is a hectic and stressful time for all.  Please bear with us as we adjust to online learning for the next few weeks.  Stay healthy, enjoy time with your family, and as always, reach out with any concerns you may have.

I believe Ms. Schultz and I have made sure that all your students were sent home with a folder that contains 10 Days of resources. We will be using the items in this folder as well as other assignments to continue or educational journey.

Please Log into your office 365 account daily or check the website tab called Virtual Learning.

Remember, like it says in the front of our classroom, “You are responsible for your own learning.” Take advantage of all the things there are on Clever- You can literally take an entire typing course on – and there is so much more there to discover.  Use these weeks as a time to learn and discover!!!

Please also check out the PWCS Home Learning Webpage (click on the picture). They have suggested schedules and links to county approved websites for supplemental support and learning at home. 
PWCS home learning

 Feel free to drop us an email any time. We are here!

Your teachers,

Ms. Schultz and Mrs. Innocenzi

Read Aloud

Read aloud- Mrs. Innocenzi has stared a podcast by using the following link:  

Enjoy!!! 😊