March 13, 2020
Due to extended school closings, the Second Grade team has put together a list of activities you and your child can do to help support their learning at home.  These are activities we have done and practiced in the classroom. We have included both websites and activities you do not need technology to complete.

  • Websites:     
  • Clever: 
  • Login to Microsoft365:      yourchild’

    Password:      your child’s password

  • Go to all apps to use:         Raz-kids          (reading)

                                          Dreambox      (math)  login: gravelyes

                                            password: seadogs    login: gravely      (research)

                                            password: school       login: dbairdb     (leveled books)


    In Office365 students can create a Powerpoint or Sway presentation.

    Tech Free Activities: 

  • Read books at home (make connections, ask questions as you read, summarize the story, compare and contrast characters)
  • Write in a journal daily  
Math skills: count coins, baking to practice measurement, tell time to 5 minutes with an analog clock, practice solving equations/story problems with various strategies