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The students at Samuel L. Gravely, Jr. Elementary School are motivated, lifelong learners and problem-solvers who are well prepared to reach their fullest potential at the secondary school level and beyond. With the support of the comprehensive school counseling program, all students develop the resiliency and skills necessary to meet the challenges and high expectations of a diverse, ever-changing world. As empathetic, respectful, and responsible citizens, our students strive to have a positive impact on our school and community. 


The Samuel L. Gravely, Jr. Elementary School Counseling program strives to provide a world-class comprehensive, developmental counseling program that proactively addresses the academic, career, and social/emotional development of diverse learners. Gravely School Counselors are committed to partnering with other educators, family members, and community stakeholders to advocate for and ensure equity, access, and success for all students. Through the delivery of integrated and innovative services, our students will acquire the skills, education, self-motivation, and perseverance necessary to achieve in a changing society at the highest level now and throughout life.


The professional school counselors serving Gravely Elementary School believe:  

  • All students can achieve and deserve equitable access to resources and a rigorous curriculum to maximize their future options
  • All students’ dignity and culture is respected and valued
  • All students will have access to a comprehensive, developmental school counseling program
  • The school counselors will proactively act as advocates for all students, including collaborating with stakeholders for needed systemic change
  • The school counselors will lead a collaborative effort to design, implement, assess, and continuously improve the comprehensive data-driven school counseling program
  • The comprehensive school counseling program should proactively address the academic, social/emotional, and career development of all students by providing core curriculum that involves relevant skill practice and self-reflection
  • The comprehensive school counseling program incorporates 21st century technology to develop future ready students who are prepared to contribute to a diverse, ever-changing world
  • The school counselor will collaborate with families, staff, and community resources to assist with student development and success
  • Assertive communication is paramount in relationship building
  • The school counselors will abide by the American School Counselor Association’s professional school counseling standards and ethics
  • The school counselors will regularly engage in professional development activities to further enhance knowledge, skills, and competence