Clink on the following grade level links to access online resources that your child has used during the school year.  
Their usernames and passwords will be the same as what they use in their classroom.

<Link 1>Kindergarten:

<Link 2>Second Grade:

<Link 3>Third Grade:

<Link 4>Grade level pacing guides: 

<Link 5>Reading Practice:

<Link 6>Math Practice:

<Link 7>Typing: Learn how to type.
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Dictionary Resources:  is an online dictionary for children that has amazing features, including a widget to look up any word on any pageWILD is their free illustrated dictionary for children, which shows colorful animated images and sounds out the word. There are Spanish and Chinese versions.   is a video dictionary children.
 The web site has a collection of short videos that show different example scenes illustrating a word’s meaning.  illustrates
 several math terms and instruments and includes simple definitions. Some of the entries are interactive where students get to play with the instrument virtually.

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