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Welcome to Mrs. Moran's Kindergarten

Please check your email for our weekly Choice Board with suggested learning activities for the week.

You can find sight word lists in the Files and Documents Tab

Homework is to read for at least 15 - 20 minutes a day.
Keep a  journal and write your favorite parts of the story or a connection you made to the story.

Be Safe, Be Kind and Have Fun!

PWCS At Home Learning Activities

Gravely Kindergarten Extended Learning Plan

We have some amazing poets in our class. Take a minute to read our poetry.
Our Poetry Book.pdf

Kindergarten Pacing Guide 
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Please see the following documents for information regarding the Kindergarten Pacing Guide. The Kindergarten Year at a Glance provides an overview of our Kindergarten Curriculum. A more detailed look at the Virginia Standards of Learning is located in the full Kindergarten Pacing Guide. These documents can also be found in the kindergarten documents and forms tab in the pacing guides folder.


Ways to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

  • Sing and say the alphabet
  • Read and write name
  • Identify colors and shapes
  • Count objects
  • Practice fine motor skills: coloring, gluing, cutting, zipping, buttoning, snapping, tying
  • Build independent bathroom and handwashing skills
  • Practice opening lunch and snack items – zip-lock bags, juice boxes, and packaging 
  • Practice sharing and working with others
  • Visit the Gravely playground
  • Read to your child for at least 15 minutes every day!