Welcome to Music!

Hello! I am Mr. Wicker and I will be teaching music this year. I am excited to bring a year full of great music to all the students of Gravely Elementary.  I graduated from Mercyhurst University in May and this will be my first year teaching.  If you have any questions for me don't hesitate to email me at: [email protected]  I will be more than happy to answer your questions!

Materials and Performances

This year we will be using some shared materials, and all materials used will be sanitized before and after use. I know many have questions in regards to performances this year. As of right now, I am brainstorming ideas as to what performances will look like. Please be patient and stay tuned! I will be sure to inform everyone what performances will look like when the time comes. 

Chrome Music Lab: 

NY Philharmonic Kidszone: https://www.nyphilkids.org/

PBS Kids Music: https://pbskids.org/games/music/

Classics for Kids: https://www.classicsforkids.com/

San Francisco Symphony Kids: http://www.sfskids.org/

Music Theory Note Trainer: https://www.musictheory.net/exercises/note

Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra: https://listeningadventures.carnegiehall.org/

Songs for a Road Trip (Courtesy of Noah C. ) https://www.partsgeek.com/mmparts/family_road_trip_fun_songs_to_sing_with_kids.html