Welcome to 5th Grade!


Welcome to fifth grade, Seadogs!  I am excited to begin this  journey with everyone!  I am eager to teach you new things; I am also eager to learn more about you!  I know we will face a new set of challenges this year, but we will be resilient and overcome them together! This year, you will have two teachers.  I will teach reading, writing, and social studies.  Mrs. Colvin will teach science and math.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have throughout the school year.  My email address is [email protected].  Mrs. Colvin's email address is [email protected].

As of August 23, our class schedule will look like the following:

9:05-9:20             Morning Meeting
9:20-10:05           Encore (please see our Encore schedule below)
10:05- 12:00       Teacher 1   (Math/Science   --OR--   Language Arts/Geography)
12:00- 12:40       Teacher 2 ( Science   --OR--  Geography)
12:40-1:10           Lunch
1:10-1:40             Recess
 1:40-3:00            Teacher 2 (Math   --OR--  Language Arts)
3:00-3:40              Core extension

*  Please know this is subject to change as we adjust to a new year and better learn students' needs.

Encore Schedule

Day 1:  Art
Day 2:  Music
Day 3:  PE
Day 4:  Library
Day 5:  STEAM
Day 6:  PE