Have a great summer!  Some things that you can work on over the summer are....


Read 20+ minutes per day (any reading is good reading, this can be magazines, picture books, chapter books, articles, newspaper articles, recipes, etc…)

Listen to reading- storylineonline.net is a great resource where famous actors/actresses read to you

Discuss what you have read:  Find the main idea, discuss the setting/characters/conflict/resolution, find cause and effect/compare/contrast scenarios, locate fact vs. opinion, etc…



Practice math facts-while sitting in the house, at the dinner table, or taking a walk ask your child multiplication and division fact questions such as 9x7 or 30/5 



Stories- write a personal narrative (a story about him/her and an event that has happened in your lifetime 


Students can access their Office 365 account and use resources under Clever

I can't wait to see you in the fall :)