Hello Fourth Graders,

I am so excited to be working with you this year! Some things that you can work on are seen below.  Please refer to your canvas page (through your email) to see specific information about our class~


Read 20+ minutes per day (any reading is good reading, this can be magazines, picture books, chapter books, articles, newspaper articles, recipes, etc…)

Listen to reading- storylineonline.net is a great resource where famous actors/actresses read to you

Discuss what you have read:  Find the main idea, discuss the setting/characters/conflict/resolution, find cause and effect/compare/contrast scenarios, locate fact vs. opinion, etc…



Practice math facts-while sitting in the house, at the dinner table, or taking a walk ask your child multiplication and division fact questions such as 9x7 or 30/5 



Stories- write a personal narrative (a story about him/her and an event that has happened in your lifetime 


Students can access their Office 365 account and use resources under Clever beginning Friday August 27th. Computers will not be coming home at this time.