April 14th:
Check out our class FlipGrid!  
(You will need to email Miss Mo for the password).

April 13th:

Virtual Book Fair!

Here is a message from our librarian, Mrs. Moose: 

"Since we cannot host our June book fair, Scholastic is bringing the book fair to you! Books sales over $25 ship to your home for free.  If you buy a tchotchke item, you will be charged shipping.  It is suggested that if you buy tchotchke items such as pencils or erasers make a separate purchase, so you don't get charged for the shipping of books. Keep on reading! Miss you!"


April 4: Thank you for all of the awesome participation during our Spirit Week!  Don't forget to check out our PowerPoint under "files and documents" to see everyone's Habitat fun!

March 13:

Dear Parents,

Due to extended school closings, the Second Grade team has put together a list of activities you and your child can do to help support their learning at home.  These are activities we have done and practiced in the classroom. We have included both websites and activities you do not need technology to complete.      

1. Clever:                           

2. Log into Microsoft 365:         yourchild’susername@pwcs-edu.org
      Password:     your child’s password

3. Go to all apps to use:         Raz-kids          (reading)                      Dreambox       (math)

     login: gravelyes
        password: sea dogs

www.pebblego.com    login: gravely      (research)

                               password: school

www.raz-kids.com     login: hmozingo0     (leveled books)


www.spellingcity.com/users/hmozingo          spelling practice


www.abcya.com                Second grade reading and math games


Tech Free Activities:  

  • Read books at home (make connections, ask questions as you read, summarize the story, compare and contrast characters)
  • Write in a journal daily   
  • Math skills: count coins, baking to practice measurement, tell time to 5 minutes with an analog clock, practice solving equations/story problems with various strategies                                                                          

Thank you,
Second Grade Team