There are so many resources available online, it can be overwhelming!  Our goal is to narrow the options down a bit, and provide high-interest sites, with clear, easy-to-use directions.  Each week, we will add new sites.

Please check out the following links from our Encore team!

  • To access all Encore pages, visit: 
  • Mrs. Moose is doing a daily read-aloud and discussion on the book, Loser’s Club by Andrew Clements: 
  • Miss Bonner:Check out my Gravely webpage and my Instagram page missbonner_art   as I will be continuing to share art activities and resources through those platforms.  
  • Mrs. Dickens:Flip Grid for STEAM

             Password: Humphrey 

  • Miss Thiele:Check theStrings Webpagefor your assignments.  Under Resource.

Look in "CALENDAR" to find out what to do - and when.
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Reading and Writing Resources  :   This site has many exciting, non-fiction articles!  We have used several of the articles in class, already.  You can browse by topic and by reading level.  There are also questions that follow each passage.  Note:  It is okay to read some articles that are below grade level!  One of our main goals during this time is TO KEEP KIDS READING!  If it is something that your child is interested in, let him/her read it!

 Scholastic Learn at Home  :  This site has is a fantastic resource!  There are a TON of interesting passages, both fiction and non-fiction, with activities to follow.  Important note:  Do not feel limited by a specific grade level.  Many of the grammatical skills can be practiced through the younger grade levels.  Also, extensions can be provided at the middle school level.  PLEASE VISIT THIS SITE!  :  Our students LOVE to listen to read alouds, even as fifth graders!  It is important for students to listen to read alouds; they provide opportunities for students to hear fluent, expressive reading.  Read alouds also allow students to focus on comprehension.  On this site, students can listen to authors read their favorite books!  Super cool!  (Note:  I noticed that not all of these links work, but the majority of them do.)


Right now, students have the PERFECT opportunity to practice their typing, a skill that will help them to efficiently complete assignments as they get older.  The following link includes 10 websites where students can learn and practice their typing:

Math  :  Right now, IXL is offering a free subscription to the website.  Multiple subjects are offered, but please be sure to check out the math links.  Students will have access to all grade levels and topics. (Note:  You do not need to log in.)  :  This is another free site with games and lessons by grade level.  Parents, you can sign up for a free subscription.  However, I found that you can also access the material by simply clicking “Curriculum” at the top of the page.  : provides instruction in all topics.  The math section includes fun games; you can search by grade level and by topic.  (Note:  You do not need a log in.)

 Science  :   This site does EXACTLY as the title promises…there are multiple projects and lessons to “keep kids engaged and entertained.”

Discovery Education  :   Discovery Education provides an opportunity for students to take “virtual field trips.”  Interesting topics are provided, but students can also perform their own searches.  (Note:  There is a log-in button, but I was able to watch the videos without a log-in.)

 Bill Nye the Science Guy is on YouTube!  There are so many videos that correspond with fourth and fifth grade science topics, including oceanography (ocean exploration and ocean currents), geology (rocks and soil), cells, kingdoms (plants, invertebrates, reptiles…there are a lot for this category!), electricity, and force and motion.  Just Google it!  A site on the periodic table with lots of info, found by one of our students!

 Geography  :  This is an extremely informative site that follows the fifth grade curriculum!  Students can watch videos, read passages, explore by region, and take quizzes.  Be sure to check out the Midwest section!

 All Subjects  :  This site provides practice for the SOLs.  Even though SOLs are cancelled this year, this is a good way to practice skills.  The password is seadog.  :   Our students are very familiar with Tim and Moby from Brain Pop!  Right now, you can request free access to the videos and games.  :  For parents who are looking for lessons and worksheets for their kids, this is an excellent resource.  You can search by topic and grade level, and many of the resources are free.

 Listen to an educational podcast: