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Congratulations now 3rd graders 2020-2021.

Welcome to our newest 2nd Graders!
I am looking forward to meeting you soon and jumping into learning virtually.


Suggested optional websites and activities:
Reading- Go to

Math- Go to 

Daily Math Practice-Dreambox assigned activities on Place Value and Adding/subtracting 10s and 100s. 
1. Go to
2. Click on Log in with Office 365.
3. Log in with the following information
UN: (student's specific login)
PW: masci(student's specific 2-digit number)
4. Click on Dreambox
The assignment is the little notebook icon at the end of the page. This will take the student a few weeks to complete all the lessons on this topic.

**Click on "Files and Documents" to the left, for our calendar/pacing guide of learning from earlier in the school year and for March-June paced learning. 
**See the "Useful links" on the left for additional websites to visit.
These are activities we have done and practiced in the classroom. We have included both websites and activities you do not need technology to complete. 
Websites to use:
• Websites: Clever: 
• Login to Microsoft365: yourchild’ Password: your child’s password 
• Go to all apps to use: 
Raz-kids (reading)

                      Dreambox (math) Click onImage preview 
to see assignments that your teacher has posted.

In Office365 students can create a Powerpoint or Sway presentation. login: gravelyes password: seadogs login: gravely (research) password: school login: teacher name login (leveled books) 

Tech Free Act

• Read books at home (make connections, ask questions as you read, summarize the story, compare and contrast characters) 
• Write in a journal daily 
• Math skills: count coins, baking to practice measurement, tell time to 5 minutes with an analog clock, practice solving equations/story problems with various strategies 
try books at home.  

* Contact information: School phone: 571-248-4930

Check out individual class pages for more information about specific schedules.